Personal Data Processing Policy

Data controller and data subject

The data controller is Benefit Management, s. r. o. with registered office at Doudlebská 1699/5, 140 00 Prague 4, Nusle, the company which operates this website and reservation service (hereinafter referred to only as the “Company”).


In specific situations, the Company also acts as the processor of the personal data of other controllers.


The data subject is a natural person who provided their personal data to the Company themselves on the basis of a lease contract, purchase contract, service contract or other contract concluded with the Company, or whose personal data the Company has obtained from a third party, in particular from the data subject’s employer, or whose personal data the Company obtained from other sources.

Scope of personal data processing

The Company processes personal data in the scope in which it is provided by data subjects, or in the scope in which the Company obtains such data from other legal sources. This in particular concerns: name, surname, date of birth, address, place of business, identification number, payment card number, tax ID number, e-mail, telephone, signature or other data required for fulfilment of the purpose which personal data was obtained for.

Purpose of personal data processing

In its capacity as the controller, the Company processes the personal data of data subjects for the purpose of performance of the contract concluded between the data subject and the controller, this being in the form of remote electronic communication, or in writing, meeting of legal obligations and for the purpose of direct marketing (i.e. offering the controller’s products and services) including sending of commercial messages within the meaning of Act No. 480/2004 Coll., on Certain information society services.


In its capacity as the processor, the Company processes personal data for the purpose of meeting contractual obligations between the Company and the controller, this being subject to the conditions specified in the specific contract on personal data processing.

Assessment of the necessity of processing

The Company takes care to protect the privacy of data subjects and for this reason, only processes personal data which is essential for the determined purposes of processing.

Period of personal data processing

The Company processes personal data for the period of time which is necessary or determined by the legislation. If no such period is determined, it processes such data for the duration of the contractual relationship with the data subject or the contractual relationship between the controller and the Company acting as a processor, and also for a period of 10 years from termination of such a contractual relationship.

Withdrawal of consent to personal data processing

If a data subject gave the controller their consent to personal data processing, they may withdraw their voluntarily given consent to personal data processing at any time free of charge. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of processing based on consent which was given before its withdrawal. Withdrawal of consent also has no impact on processing of personal data which the controller processes on the basis of any other legal grounds than consent (i.e. in particular if processing is necessary for performance of a contract, meeting of a legal obligation or on other grounds specified in the valid legislation). Withdrawal of consent is usually performed in the same manner as that in which consent was given. If this is not possible, the data subject is entitled to request withdrawal of consent in writing sent to the Company’s registered office address.

Handover of personal data

The Company does not on principle hand over personal data to any third parties, this being with the exception of its contractual partners acting as processors or other processors; always however, on the basis of a written contract on personal data processing and subject to compliance with the same obligations as imposed on the controller.

Policy for use of cookies

Cookies are small amounts of data which our servers send to your computer and which facilitate better use of our servers and adaptation of their content to suit your requirements.

Cookies are used by practically each and every website in the world. Cookies increase the user-friendliness of repeatedly visited websites and this is why they are useful for you. If you use the same computer or web browser to visit our website, cookies help your computer to remember the pages you visited and your website settings.


Cookies sent by the operators of advertising systems which are operated on our website may also be saved on your computer via our website. Our Company also uses Google systems within the framework of remarketing. We only use data from remarketing for segmentation of visitors in order to deliver more relevant advertising communication. Segments are created on the basis of several general visitor behaviour patterns.


Standard web browsers (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome, etc.) support management of cookies. You can delete individual cookies in browser settings, block them or prohibit use of them completely. They can also be blocked or allowed only for individual websites. For more detailed information, please use the instructions for your specific browser. If your browser is set to allow use of cookies, we will assume that you agree to use of standard cookies by our servers.


We only use cookies for purely technical purposes, we do not combine data gained via them with any other data and we work with cookies in such a way that it is impossible to identify any specific person.


Cookies come in the form of temporary and permanent cookies. Temporary cookies are saved on your computer only until the browser is closed. Temporary cookies allow for saving of information when moving from one website to another and mean they you do not need to repeatedly enter certain information. Permanent cookies help to identify your computer if you visit our website again, but do not allow you to be identified in person in any way. Permanent cookies make it possible for us to adapt our website to suit your interests, but we cannot identify you personally in any way and we save the respective data in a completely anonymised manner and do not combine it with any other data.

Use of Google Analytics

This website uses the Google Analytics service, provided by Google, Inc. (hereinafter referred to only as “Google”). The Google Analytics service uses cookies. Information about use of the website, together with cookie content, will be transferred by Google and saved on servers in the United States. Google will use this information for the purposes of evaluation of use of the website and creation of reports about its activity, these being intended for its operator, and for provision of other services relating to activities on the website and use of the internet in general. Google may also provide this information to third parties if required by law or if such a third party processes this information for Google.

The Google Analytics service is enhanced to include related advertising functions provided by Google, these being: reports on display in the Google advertising network, remarketing (display of adverts in the content network on the basis of previously viewed products) and advanced demographic reports (reporting of anonymous demographic data).

How to prohibit monitoring by Google Analytics

If you do not wish to provide anonymous data about website use to the Google Analytics service, you can use the plugin provided by Google. After installing this in your browser and activating it, data will no longer be sent. Further information about processing and use of data can be found in the contractual terms and conditions of Google.

Personal data processing for marketing purposes

When visiting our website, information is processed about the behaviour of the data subject on this website. The purpose of processing is to ensure provision only of relevant marketing campaigns which will not bother the data subject in any way, but which the data subject will, on the contrary, subsequently use to their benefit. For this purpose, data is stored which will help to identify what interests the specific data subject, what they most frequently browse on the website, what they order and which method they use to pay for their orders, etc.


We subsequently use information collected in this manner to perform automated personalisation of the offer displayed to the data subject, or to directly send offers to the data subject in accordance with their preferences.


Also, with a view to optimum use of benefit points, we send information in a continuous but irregular manner about the balance of the data subject’s (employee’s) points account, either as a simple balance or with ideas on how to use these points.